How a brand visually reinvents itself.

It’s a statement and understatement all at once. Globetrotter stands solid as a rock on the brand horizon. Flamboyant orange is replaced by earthy red. Moving away from artificiality and a cry for attention towards an authentic, grounded brand that has finally found its place without having to shout about it.

The logo colour:

the desaturated, earthy red portrays a dominance that serves to affirm the brand’s status as leader in the outdoor segment whilst remaining discreet and deeply rooted in nature.

Warm grey complements the corporate design together with an equally warm anthracite tone.




The font – serif as a logo?

There is always something original and classic about using a serif typeface for a logo, and adding the soft curves of a font like ITC Cheltenham quickly echoes the organic structures of nature. A touch of modernity is achieved through the ultra-clean, sans-serif Avenir typeface, the Light version of which was used to distinguish the claim, while a bolder version was adopted as a headline font.

New horizons – the claim of an outdoor (r)evolution

With the ‘New Horizons’ slogan, the brand unambiguously communicates its adaptability and instinct for adventure. A spirit of optimism, seeing the journey as the destination and an insatiable thirst for discovering new places are succinctly bundled into just two words.

A new signet – the Globetrotter design mark

Being free. Going your own journey. At home in nature. The iconographic, minimalistic depiction of a landscape makes space for a path that beckons us on our next adventure. Encased in a circle that symbolises the globe, the entire brand identity of Globetrotter is captured in one single graphic.

A classic throughout the ages

All in all, the Globetrotter logo is a true classic in the area of logo development, even if it was replaced by a later version when the company was incorporated into the Swedish group Fenix Outdoor in 2015 and adapted its CD accordingly. Globetrotter now carries a bear as its design mark with a green colour scheme, thus steering its focus towards sustainability and strengthening its affiliation with its parent company.

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