CLIENT Charlotte meentzen



YEAR 2020

1. the challenge

Charlotte Meentzen has been embracing the power of medicinal plants in cosmetics since 1930. The brand enjoys particular renown and trust in the professional cosmetics sector. But how do you present and sell products online whose effects customers want and need to feel first?

2. the idea

We unite emotion with performance. On the one hand, customers and beauticians have to be at the fore and receive high-quality, comprehensive skincare advice. And we offer polished, cutting-edge e-commerce at the same time.

3. the execution

The website and e-commerce are renovated and the SEO improved. With a modern, minimalistic appearance and comprehensive product information about active agents, effects and application to cater to the user behaviour of beauticians and customers. After all, inspiration and information is sought on the move; purchases are made via desktop.

The results are clear to see. Thanks to the relaunch, the bounce rate fell by 11%, the length of stay increased by over 3 minutes and the conversion rate even doubled.

QUOTES from our campaign

Charlotte Meentzen combines pioneering spirit with vision. Digitally, too.

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