CLIENT toni gard

true launch


YEAR 2020

1. the challenge

In a perfume shop, over 1,800 different fragrances vie for customers’ attention. Here, buying decisions are made in just three seconds. How can we make something stand out in such a world, which already seems to be saturated with allure? Brand power? Expensive testimonials? Or could a strong, relevant conceptual idea be the secret to seduction? We opted for the latter.

2. the idea

Transparency and clarity are our answer to the deluge of stimuli. Slowing down. Chilling out. Living a more conscious life. The need for mindfulness and self-reflection is currently stronger than ever and therefore also forms the fundamental philosophy of the new men’s fragrance by Toni Gard. ‘True’ is clear, minimalistic yet full of meaning.

3. the execution

Honesty is transparent. In keeping with this, the bottle and shower gel are equally transparent, opaque and minimalistic, focussing our gaze on what really matters – the pure contents. As a simple matt white box with minimalistic typography in black, the packaging continues this concept of clarity. What could be more authentic? ‘What is true?’ also forms the central query in the brand communication. Philosophical questions attract attention, inviting people to muse and reflect. And they encourage interaction via social media (Instagram and Pinterest), on-site and at the POS.

TRUE by toni gard is


QUOTES from our campaign

What is true? A crowded mind leaves no place for a peaceful heart. Change only happens in the present moment. The past is already done. The future is just energy and intention.


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