CLIENT charlotte meentzen



YEAR since 2014

1. the challenge

The Charlotte Meentzen brand is a true pioneer. Founded by two women in 1930, it has had a decisive influence on the areas of natural and professional cosmetics. There’s just one problem: today, being close to nature is no longer a distinguishing factor. Many brands are close to nature – in all price segments and across all distribution channels. Our task was therefore as clear as it was challenging: how do we turn ninety years of deep-rooted tradition into a modern success story?

2. the idea

We strengthen the strengths of Charlotte Meentzen. Bring them up to date. We create a visual connection between science and nature. And make the experience and trust of customers from the professional cosmetics industry palpable.

3. the execution

The entire Charlotte Meentzen brand world was overhauled. Fifteen ranges were combined. From the brochure through POS material, all the way to the website. Modern, clinical and simultaneously natural. Always approachable and accessible, never overpromising.

QUOTES from our campaign

We have believed in the power of plants for 90 years. And in the research that makes their effect stronger.

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