YEAR 2017

1. the challenge

Motorbikes aren’t for riding – they’re for living. A car will take you from A to B; a motorbike will take you to your very soul. With its own brands and more than 15,000 products, POLO makes sure that nothing stands in the way of this. Robust, but in the face of fierce competition, not clearly enough positioned. But how do you win the trust, heart and passion of people who corner at 200 km/h?

2. the idea

Simple: by speaking their language. Directly. Honestly. At eye level. A language through which a bond is seen, heard and felt. After all, POLO has something crucial in common with its customers – its employees are passionate bikers themselves. And that’s exactly what we want to show. No more, no less.

3. the execution

A revised logo, new slogan, new visual language, new design concept. Stripped back to the essential – which, for POLO, is motorbiking. The red becomes brighter, the black oilier, the images more authentic and the language straight to the point. POLO’s own three brands were also positioned and established in the relevant segments.

QUOTES from our campaign

Why do we do what we do? How do we know what equipment you really need – and what you don’t? How do we understand each other without uttering a word, united simply by passion? The answer is easy … WE ARE POLO. WE LIVE BY OUR PASSION. WE RIDE.


We also turned up the torque for POLO’s own brands Spirit Motors, FLM and NEXO and completely re-worked each of the brand images.

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