make the shift


YEAR 2020

1. the challenge

Sustainability defines our thinking. Hotel cosmetics are under scrutiny, too. Resources need to be saved and waste avoided. Canada is the first country to ban the production and sale of travel-size care products. A colossal change and challenge for the entire industry – and an opportunity for ADA. As a pioneering market leader, ADA Cosmetics International has been developing sustainable, top-quality and safe dispenser solutions for many years. Time to make a clear statement in the sector.

2. the idea

Our aim: to expand and consolidate the prestige of ADA as a leading provider of sustainable hotel cosmetics. How? With a transformational, strong communicative strategy that embraces the change as a chance. ADA ‘make the shift’ fosters awareness and clearly positions the brand at the forefront of a new environmental movement. Strong, self-confident and with first-class quality.

3. the execution

Purchasing cosmetics for hotels and public bathroom facilities is not exactly top of mind in the B2B sector and is rarely done in person. Reason enough to embrace the digital change here, too, and steer communication to where the industry’s decision-makers are to be found – online! This resulted in the creation of a digital sales folder, a comprehensive content marketing concept and a social media campaign (LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram) as well as a landing page and fourteen blog entries for the web including a handful of videos. All in four languages. The high-quality design and representative, clean infographics reinforce the brand’s role as a leader.

MAKE THE SHIFT by ada is


QUOTES from our campaign

Thirty years of experience with sustainable dispenser systems mean: avoiding 2,561,441,232 tiny bottles, producing 20,492 tonnes less plastic waste, saving 38,421,618 litres of cosmetics


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