CLIENT dedon

brand positioning


YEAR 2020

1. the challenge

Brands always have a story to tell. Dedon’s is fascinating, avant-garde and original all at once. But above all, it captivates everyone. As the inventor of outdoor living and with a community of pioneering designers, Dedon is internationally renowned for successful luxury. But how do you position a brand with such an emotional background? And how can you ensure it remains relevant tomorrow, too?

2. the idea

Over half the world’s population lives in cities – and rising. And yet we all yearn to be amidst nature. Stress, hectic surroundings and noise need a balance. The Biophilia Effect confirms what we’ve all been feeling for a long time. We need a connection to nature, to life, to the forest. They invigorate our inner strength. As the founder of outdoor living, Dedon answers this longing. And this is exactly what we place at the very heart of the brand. Dedon creates ‘spaces of innate desire’.

3. the execution

We kicked things off with a joint brand positioning workshop. The result? Clear positioning and a brand book to bring it to life. The strikingly minimalistic design contrasts with the breathtaking images that encapsulate the soul of places we long for. A clear manifesto and management tool for Dedon – and goosebumps all over for us.

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donkey-agentur-cases-dedon-corporate id-brandbook-3@2x
donkey-agentur-cases-dedon-corporate id-brandbook-4@2x
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QUOTES from our campaign

Creating an ideal atmosphere in which to relax, to be inspired and to recharge for whatever life offers next.



spaces of innate desire

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