CLIENT camel active

fall/winter collection 20/21


YEAR 2020

1. die challenge

Over the course of more than fifteen years, we have accompanied camel active on its journey from an immensely masculine brand for adventurers to one of the leading providers of casual outdoorwear. For men and women. Each year, we are faced with the same challenge – to ensure the credible, authentic further development of the brand through two seasonal campaigns. Amidst fierce and ever-changing competition. With more and more channels vying for attention.

2. die idee

Adventure and the great outdoors remain camel active’s greatest strengths. We use our campaign to tell stories of new places. Of adventures big and small that we happen upon every day when we open our eyes to the world around us. It’s not about grand expeditions across the Himalayas, but rather experiences and that sense of longing we can all relate to.


3. die umsetzung

The fall/winter collection 20/21 was photographed in Scotland. The still and moving images shot on the Isle of Skye not only form the basis of all classic communication materials, but also the new ‘Explore’ area on the camel active website. And the first consistent social media campaign.

ICONIC pieces

The iconic pieces are true classics. They stand for everything that makes camel active who they are. Robust, practical and diverse, field jackets and other pieces truly deliver on their promise of quality. This style is deeply rooted in its identity, yet is continually redefined.

This style is deeply rooted in its identity, yet is continually redefined.


QUOTES from our campaign

Camel active stands for the great outdoors. To experience adventures and rough weathers. To follow your own vision and not a laid-out path.

Complete look throughout media mix

Each product category received the full package.
Image clips, newletters and mailings, Instagram posts and stories, web store and, of course, the physical stores themselves.

Why scotland?

A big part in the decision for this location where the aspiring landscapes and sceneries. To reduce our carbon footprint, we worked with a local production company and models based around the area. Despite all this, the campaign stayed true to camel actives DNA – Explore the every day.


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