CLIENT babor

doctor babor


YEAR 2020

1. the challenge

Scientific, effective, professional – Babor stands for high-end cosmetics developed for experts. The broad portfolio serves a wide range of requirements and target groups. Doctor Babor is not just the founder of the long-standing cosmetics company, but also THE high-end care range with special medicinal properties. But how can this be visualised?

2. the idea

Nowadays, consumers are faced a dizzying myriad of cosmetics. In order to help them to decide, the product benefits of a care range need to be clearly communicated. Doctor Babor stands for precision cosmetics that explicitly promise effectiveness and visible skin improvements. This effect becomes a core element of the visual language. Our key visual? A laboratory cover slip in the hexagonal shape of a skin cell. This symbolises performance and clearly illustrates and emphasises the before-and-after effect.

3. the execution

A minimalistic colour scheme, a decorative font with a technical, needle-like impression and progressive sound and visual language define the vigorous, professional look and feel of the care range. Alongside pack shots and various ingredients, different hues and supporting props make a clear distinction between the five lines, which were used as visuals and film for all relevant sales channels. POS, Instagram, Facebook, website, retail collaborations. More to come.

DOCTOR BABOR by Babor is


QUOTES from our campaign

True beauty is personal. It has many facets. Looking at it one-dimensionally is not enough. That’s why Babor wants more.


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