CLIENT so/berlin das stue



YEAR 2019

1. the challenge

Das Stue isn’t just a luxury hotel in Berlin. It is a sumptuous retreat with space to think, deliberate and muse, surrounded by art, culture and inspiration. This hotel wanted its own range of amenities, which had to be refillable for sustainability reasons, whilst also embodying the spirit of the establishment itself.

2. the idea

We design the hotel amenities in such a way that they are not perceived as soap or shampoo dispensers, but rather as an integral part of the interior.

DONKEY WEB 960x640_Stue
DONKEY WEB 960x640_Stue2
DONKEY WEB 960x640_Stue3

3. the execution

We provide a seamless continuation of the hotel’s philosophy. We are loud, but not brassy. We are clear and simultaneously extravagant. And we are so succinct and original that we carry the spirit of the hotel out into the world beyond. After all, even the most unpleasant side effect is the best compliment we could ask for – several dispensers disappear into the pockets and suitcases of guests every day.

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