CLIENT globetrotter

corporate identity


YEAR 2016

1. the challenge

Globetrotter was founded in Hamburg in 1979 by two fervent globetrotters (who else?). Two friends who weren’t motivated by branding, but instead wanted to share their experiences and discoveries with others and provide them with the best possible equipment for their adventures. And this remains their passion today. The challenge was therefore to take this huge wealth of expertise and highly emotional theme and convert them into a modern brand.

2. the idea

We are more than an outdoor equipment retailer. At Globetrotter, we want to inspire people to go out into the world, experience new cultures and discover new horizons. Not just on the map, but by seeing it for themselves, too. And not as tourists, but as travellers. Without an air of superiority, but as our customers’ companions, their travellers-in-crime.

3. the execution

New logo, new slogan, new colour, new imagery, new language – only the passion for authentic experiences amidst nature and on travels remains unchanged. The brand’s new image embraces the idea of ‘new horizons’. From the design mark to the typography spacing on posters, travel and a sense of longing for adventure pervade everything. The catalogue becomes an inspiring magazine. Stores are transformed into experience arenas. And Globetrotter is converted into a brand that represents expertise and wanderlust like no other.

QUOTES from our campaign

People enter Globetrotter and leave as travellers, ready for their next adventure. Their hearts are filled and their minds are brimming with ideas. They have purchased products that bring true happiness.


A travel guide for Globetrotter. The brand journal defines the self-conception of the brand. What are our values? What do we expect of ourselves? Who do we want to target? And what is our vision for the future?

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