A superfluous gimmick or a fundamental element of brand identity?

Today, having an unequivocal and recognisable brand image has never been more important. Those who want to inspire people need a clear image that convinces and captivates their defined target group. An image with which they can identify. Especially with several channels, external suppliers and multipliers, it is crucial for a brand to communicate consistently. Many people have their own image and understanding of the brand internally, too. In order to guarantee recognisability, you have to be recognisable. In order to really measure success, you have to channel it properly. Every ad, every social media post, every blog entry will drift into oblivion if it isn’t completely clear who the sender actually is. There’s no image boost if no obvious image is recognisable.

A brand is made up of precise positioning and an unambiguous, emotional brand environment. In order to define these aspects in an unequivocal and comprehensible way, a brand book is indispensable. In other words, a brand book is the most important guide for successful brand management. It forms the very foundations of effective brand staging. It always speaks the same language and is understood across all channels.

But what’s in a brand book? Ideally, a success story.

A brand book is the heart, soul and face of a brand. It defines the basic strategic values, the purpose, the target group, the mission and the vision. Who are we? What are we like? And where do we want to go? Why and for whom do we exist? What exactly do we stand for? What is our personality? This is brand positioning.

Every brand book also functions as a visual identity.

What do we look like? How do we communicate? What colour scheme defines us? Visual identity follows on from brand positioning and translates the defined values into an emotional visual language. Is our colour scheme saturated or colourful? How do we photograph people or products? Which fonts suit us? Having a clear answer to these questions ensures that everyone communicates in a truly uniform manner, which ultimately pays off for the brand.

A brand book – the pride of a brand.

Behind every successful brand lies a lot of work, passion and perseverance. And that’s something to be rightly proud of. A brand book values this work and simultaneously serves as a tribute to it. It expresses how strong a brand is and how its values are embraced. It is a faithful manifesto that serves as a supporting pillar for the brand identity.

Here are a few examples of our brand books:

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